Thursday, May 30, 2013


Simena is one of the most important ancient Lycian cities in Kas peninsula and it is just on the opposite side of Kekova Island. This sketch is of the restaurants at Simena Coast which draw my attention especially for the flowers on their balconies.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Earlier this month me and Samantha were invited by Karala(ma) to join them in Şanlıurfa for a sketching weekend. The possibility to visit this part of the country which was unknown to me, and as a bonus, to see and sketch at Göbekli Tepe were too good to pass by. Here are a few of the sketches from this wonderful weekend.

Göbekli Tepe, sketched between heavy showers (who knew it would rain so much in May..?)
Hippocampus-centaur carving inside a cave, sculpted when Şanlıurfa was Edessa (outside, more rain)
Fountain next to a mosque, on the backstreets of Şanlıurfa (no rain this time)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Manolo Valdes Exhibition in Pera Museum

I have visited Manolo Valdes (1942) exhibition in Pera Museum, Istanbul yesterday and did some quick sketches of some of his monumental sculptures made of bronze an wood. He is one of the most famous contemporary pop-artists of Spain and in addition to sculptures, he is working on big size canvasas and using mixed media, especially fabrics with incredible colors and paint (maybe some epoxy as well) creating an appealing texture. Than during drinking coffee in a narrow street on Istiklal Avn. I have drawn the buildings seen.