Monday, May 5, 2014


On 1st of May, I found the chance of visisting the capital of Hittites. Hittites were one of the ancient civilizations in Anatolia and Northern Syria between 2nd and 1st millenia BC. The remains (temples - only the foundations - gates at the walls and inscriptions) were so fascinating and the areas to visit was scattered to an area of 72 hectares so it was no possible to scetch everything in limited time. Up to now, 32 temples have been founded, each dedicated to a different god. Once upon a time this area was named as "Nation of Thousand Gods". One stretch of the city walls has been reconstructed by German Archelogical Institute with the sponsorship of JTI. Clay model of the towers founded during excavations has been used as a basis. The same technic of the Hittites has been used (mud bricks supported by wood and stone foundation). The below sketch is showing this reconstructed stretch on a cloudy day.

After Hattusha, I have visited Alacahoyuk which is much smaller compared to Hattusa and is not impressing as much as previous. On the other hand next to the site there is a small but very well organized museum. However the most precious parts founded in these areas are exhibited in Anatolian Civilizations Museum which is in Ankara. In this archelogical site it is possible to see the reconstructed cemetery for the kings adressed to 2500 BC. The graves are each about 25m2 and the skeletons of the king is in one corner. They were burried with precious material and the skulls and bones of cattles.In the reconstruction they have put the replicas of these items in the grave and a quick sketch of how they look like is below.

On the way back, I have made a sketch of the middle Anatolia outskirt.